On December 13, 2019, the city of Tuscaloosa marked its 200th birthday. The mission of Tuscaloosa 200 was to celebrate Tuscaloosa’s past and reflect on a better future for all citizens of Tuscaloosa. In December 2018, the Tuscaloosa Bicentennial kicked off a lively, inclusive, 12-month calendar of events to entertain, educate, and engage people of all ages.

For the younger generations, wide-ranging projects involved K-12 schools. Teachers used curricula based on historical events in new, fresh ways, and competitions and exhibitions gave area students the opportunity to highlight their talents.

A Bicentennial smartphone app that takes participants on a historic driving and walking tour of Tuscaloosa will be an enduring legacy resource for visitors and home-towners alike. The first-ever comprehensive history of Tuscaloosa is featured in a coffee-table style book by acclaimed author Guy Hubbs, who also wrote a companion book for young audiences.

Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Commission

In 2016 The City of Tuscaloosa appointed Mr. Tim Parker, Jr., Mr. Harrison Taylor, and Dr. Cathy Randall as co-chairs of the Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Commission.  Under their leadership, hundreds of volunteers worked together to prepare for this historic year-long milestone.


Dara Longgrear: Nominating
Elizabeth McGiffert: Events
Dr. Pam Parker: Development
Kellee Reinhart: Marketing/Communications
Don Staley: Finance Chair

Robert Ennis: Legal
Dr. Kari Frederickson: Education
SarahElizabeth Oms: Operations
Shelley Jones: Community Engagement

Lyda Black: Secretary


Mission Statement

Tuscaloosa Bicentennial’s mission was to commemorate Tuscaloosa’s 200 years of history and look forward to a better future for all citizens of Tuscaloosa.



Check out Alabama’s Bicentennial website below: