A Bicentennial Artistic & Literary Collection


In celebration of the Tuscaloosa Bicentennial in 2019, our community published a literary and arts book featuring 100 pieces of student-produced visual art and 100 creative writing pieces inspired by the 200-year history of our city. Through this project, students

  • Increased their knowledge of Tuscaloosa history

  • Honored their personal connections to our community

  • Used their unique talents to celebrate the city



November 30th, 2018: Submission deadline for all literary and art pieces

December/January 2019: Jury process for all submissions

February 2019: Students notified of their selection for publication

March 2019: Celebration of literary and arts publication and recognition of students and school representatives featured in the collection



Mixed Media

Graphic Design
Digital Art

Poetry **
Short Fiction **
Creative Nonfiction **


Each school may nominate 10 literary and 10 artistic works.
*PreK-2 teachers may submit collaborative pieces created by all students in a class. Students in grades 3-12 must submit individually.

**Poetry (maximum 25 lines) Short Fiction (maximum 750 words) Creative Nonfiction (maximum 750 words)


The artwork was submitted digitally via a high-resolution image. 3D work was digitally submitted with three pictures/views of the work. The teacher included a spreadsheet listing the artists’ name, the title of submission, category, and keyword identifier (for example: if the artwork depicts an athlete, the keyword identifier will be “sports,” or something similar. This allowed us to group similar work together when designing the book). Each piece of art also included a tag with this information.