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The Bicentennial Bash

In March, the festivities continue with the Bicentennial Bash. This event will be featuring Alabama entertainers and local talent with a come and go atmosphere allowing locals and visitors alike to enjoy the acts they like best and enjoy downtown Tuscaloosa as well. this event will have a kids zone, firework display, and food trucks.

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Tuscaloosa Through Time: A Bicentennial History Exposition

The Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Commission, in cooperation with Tuscaloosa City Schools and area private and parochial schools, will host a three-day history exposition entitled Tuscaloosa Through Time. This event will be the product of the collective efforts of the students of the City of Tuscaloosa.  Each school has been assigned an era of city history and will engage in a year-long, collaborative, comprehensively cross-curricular study of that time. Students (guided by their teachers) will research, design, construct and present an exhibit on their assigned era.  A core intention of this event is to engage all students in a deep study of the city’s past.

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Tuscaloosa 200 Birthday Party & Holiday Parade

In December, we conclude the year by celebrating the city's 200th birthday on December 13, 2019. There are plenty of exciting things planned for Tuscaloosa's birthday! This is including, but not limited to: the Bicentennial Christmas Parade brought to you by PARA, unveiling of the sculpture at Manderson Landing, Christmas tree lighting, and the sealing of the time capsule.

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