Tuscaloosa: 200 Years in the Making

G. Ward Hubbs

About The Author


G. Ward Hubbs is a professor emeritus at Birmingham-Southern College, is grateful to call Tuscaloosa home. He is the editor of Rowdy Tales from Early Alabama: The Humor of John Gorman Barr and author of Guarding Greensboro: A Confederate Company in the Making of a Southern Community and Searching for Freedom after the Civil War: Klansman, Carpetbagger, Scalawag, and Freedman.

about the book

In Tuscaloosa: 200 Years in the Making, G. Ward Hubbs presents the history and stories of Tuscaloosa’s first two hundred years.  Featuring 162 colorized images and 6 maps, the book will place any reader in the middle of Alabama History. Hubbs explores the ups and downs of Tuscaloosa's history and depicts the vivid details of some of our darkest days.

    After the selection of Tuscaloosa as the state capital, this smaller frontier village began to flourish and rise from the ground up. When the University burned in the Civil War, the city was forced to adjust its economic, and social, impact on the rest of the state. As the rest of the nineteenth century followed, Tuscaloosa would be appealing to many businesses of various industries looking to find a new home. As the World Wars came and went, Tuscaloosa continued to bloom as a leader for new inventions and industries to develop and grow. Eventually, Automobile giant Mercedes Benz chose Tuscaloosa as the home for their first overseas plant location. Since then, Tuscaloosa as owned its piece of history through the civil rights movement, and the success of the University of Alabama (not just on the football field).  

    G. Ward Hubbs’ work has set a fantastic starting point for further researchers, regular readers, and the citizens of Tuscaloosa, who are ready to dive into the exciting, dynamic, and ever-changing history of their home along the Black Warrior River.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase the physical copy of the book online through UA Press, Barnes & NobleAmazon, or Ernest & Hadley for $24.95 plus shipping and handling. Or purchase the ebook version through the UA Press Link below.

Mayor Walt Maddox

“Tuscaloosa has traveled a long, arduous, and storied road in its 200 years of existence. Guy Hubbs’ well-researched and well-written account of our great city’s history sheds a light on our many challenges and opportunities. From a frontier village to our state’s capital, from a city stifled and insulated to the inclusive, economic powerhouse it is today, we have come a long way in our growth, character, and prospects for the future. Tuscaloosa: 200 Years in the Making is a testament to a city of remarkable history and strength.”


Trudier Harris

“Reflecting individual effort, collective vision, and all the compromises in between, Tuscaloosa: 200 Years in the Making details an impressive array of geographical, historical, and political convergences that created what the city is today. Hubbs is meticulous in researching and synthesizing materials about the history of Tuscaloosa. His efforts have resulted in a rich and concise volume that is an informative and emotionally engaging monument to a city that, when set back, repeatedly re-imagined its future and ultimately succeeded in turning vision into reality. Tuscaloosa is a fitting two hundredth birthday gift to a city that continues to showcase the best of its past as it charts an energetic and ever-evolving course to the future.”

Terry Saban 

"Tuscaloosa: 200 Years in the Making by G. Ward Hubbs reads like a fascinating work of fiction with twisting plots and memorable characters, but the reality is that it is the true story of the town we have grown to love and call our home. From its selection as the state capital through the tenure of interesting  political, educational, and sports figures, and the survival of this strong community rising out of the ashes of the devastating tornado, the story of Tuscaloosa deserves to be told."