Tuscaloosa Song.png

Tuscaloosa Song Verses

1.) Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Warrior River running through, Can’t divide the pride we cherish, for our city tried and true. Crimson Tide our University, legends made and Big Al too, Shelton, Stillman, education, winning spirits shining through.


2.) Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Battle Friedman, Bowers Park,

Murphy Brown and Amphitheater, Federal Courthouse, River Walk.

Capitol Park_ and Bama Theater, CHOM_ and Bryce_ and churches too, Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa,

two hundred years of things to do.


3.) Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, lovely parks and downtown too,

Awesome buildings, some historic, all well kept for us to view.

Schools_ and shops_ and Gov'rnment Plaza: DCH, River Walk, TSO,

All-Amer'can honored city, we are all so proud of you.


All three verses will be performed twice. First time through with the combined choir. Second time through, we invite the audience to join us in singing.